When planning your travel to Saint-Petersburg, block at least a half-day for visiting the Grand Maket Russia Interactive Museum. Although not leaving the museum you will be able to literally travel through the whole country just in a couple of hours.

Grand Maket Russia is a model layout of the country designed on a scale 1:87. On the 800m2 you will see everything the country can offer from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.  The models are build in a very precise way so they provide a realistic insight in different areas of Russia. There are buildings, bridgers, factories, dams, coal mines, rivers, hills, seas, fields, farms, animals, people – everything so true and authentic. The trains move according to a very complicated algorythm so they never repeat the same movement, the cars move thanks to a very sofisticated electro-magnetic system so they look like they were really driven by someone. Every 10 minutes the day and night change – of course the change accomplishes consecutively in accordance with the real time zones in which the country is divided. The model layout is so convincing that at one moment you would even expect the little people moving.

We spent the whole day in this wonderful museum. The audio guide is very useful and absolutely worth of buying. It provides you not only with interesting information related to the country but also with the information about how the models are built and maintained.

All information on opening hours as well as ticket prices you can find on the museum’s website: https://grandmaket.ru/en/

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