No doubt, Tuscany is one of the top destinations most travellers have on their lists. Millions of people arrive every year to this region located in the center of Italy in order to enjoy the special ambience of this area, its original and traditional food and wines of local production as well as to experience the la-dolce-vita-lifestyle and to admire the typical Tuscany landscapes. Due to such an eminent interest of the tourists in this region one might think that the travel guides must already contain all available information about it. If you continue reading you will find that there is still more to learn and discover in Tuscany.  

#1 – Where the butchers are philosophers

Dario CecchiniVisiting any butcher in Tuscany is an extraordinary occasion but if you want something really special don’t miss the opportunity to stop in Panzano and visit the butchery of Dario Cecchini. During the day you can count on degustation of some of his products. An inseparable part of the degustation is wine of local production.
However, Dario Cecchini is not only a butcher. He has entered also gastronomy where he brought a new and fresh approach. If you look for an unconventional gourmet experience, book a table in one of his restaurants Dario Doc, Solociccia, Officina della Bistecca. The menu in each is very simple (you can usually choose from three options only) and the price is more than fair. You will be seated at a big table together with other guests just as one family. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends while enjoying an extraordinary cuisine.  

#2 – Where tasting wine gets new dimensions

Academia-01Dario Cecchini is definitely not the only treasure hidden in Panzano. The most creative and original wine tasting is awaiting you in the Accademia del Buon Gusto. Stefano Salvadori, local sommelier, lover of art and owner of the wine shop will guide you personally through the explosion of flavours. He introduces and sells only wines produced in Chianti region. However, wine tasting with Stefano is never about the wine only. Expect an extraordinary combination of art, history, philosophy and delight for your senses.




#3 – Where the time has stopped

Volpaia-01An authentic medieval village with a calm ambience, hidden away from the main routes – that’s Volpaia. Walking through the narrow streets is very nice and not long at all. Afterwards you should make a stop in the Bar Ucci. It is an original local wine bar serving also food and home-made desserts. It is run by family Barucci that has been living in Volpaia for generations. The atmosphere in Bar Ucci is very relaxed and each guest is treated as a good old friend.

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