Recently we got an opportunity to make a sightseeing flight. A small airplane took us over a territory staked out by Little Carpathians, Modra, Smolenice, and Trnava. We enjoyed the sightseeing from the air and realized some interesting facts.

Slovakia is indeed beautiful. This country has a plenty of cultural and natural sights we as Slovaks can admire and be proud of. I know, it has become a cliché in the meantime, but it is an obvious fact that Slovak nature is extraordinary. However, it is not something we have merit in. That is the reason why we must appreciate it and even more act in a way that we preserve it in the current status also for the next generations.

Slovakia is indeed very compact. Up in the air it has become even more obvious. A 30-minute-long flight was enough to take us to the castles Červený Kameň, Smolenice and the manor house in Budmerice. From above these sights looked beautiful and for us quite different. Although we saw them many times before this was a completely new experience. We would recommend it to anyone both from Slovakia and from abroad.

Here is how it looked:

Photo gallery:

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