No matter where the tourists come from, all of them would recommend Norway as a perfect holiday destination. This is what a survey performed among the country visitors in 2015 by Innovation Norway showed. We visited Norway in 2016 and we absolutely agree with the opinion of the survey respondents.

In 2016 at the beginning of summer we set off to our private discovery expedition through Europe. We called it To Gibraltar through Nordkapp. In terms of this expedition we spent whole 34 days at the end of July and beginning of August in Norway. We crisscrossed the country from its northernmost point Nordkapp to the southernmost point Lindesnes. We performed the journey on our car whereby we made 5610 kilometers. In this as well as in other articles we will be happy to share with you what we learnt and experienced in Norway.


The Norway itinerary of the To Gibraltar through Nordkapp Expedition

We entered the country from Finland. Our first stop was Nordkapp. From here on it was only possible to go southern. We travelled through the country from north to south. We did not plan anything in advance. We always talked to the locals and collected their tips and recommendations. Below you will find the list of our stops in Norway.

We have created also a Google map where you find our exact itinerary. Just have a look for more details. We have been travelling to Norway by car. If that is not a suitable transport mean to you there is still the possibility to fly. The best fly ticket offers are always available at

How much did the Norway trip cost?

Although Norway is well-known as an expensive country we could manage our daily budget on the level of 30 euro. Everything is already included in this amount – fuel, ferries, boarding, accommodation etc.
How we did it? We stuck to two simple principles. First, we used to maximum what the country offered. Second, we did not do the same things or the things in a same way as we do at home. What this means in practice is explained in the following four paragraphs.

The best things are for free

Do you know for what sake millions of tourists arrive to Norway every single year? For the sake of natural scenery, open air, outdoors. And all of this is absolutely for free. We therefore focused on activities performed in nature and on outdoor activities. That is for sure the best thing you can do in Norway. We share with you our top Norwegian sights in the article Our top 7 Norwegian sights.


Fuel price in Norway is probably one of the highest in comparison with the rest of Europe. As our statistics shows, it was fuel that ate the biggest piece out of our budget.

Nevertheless, even if you travel with a car in Norway – yours or a rented one – you still can manage your fuel costs on an acceptable level. We found out that the fuel price in Norway changes in the course of the week, sometimes even in the course of the day. Nobody knows why it is so. Even the locals do not. It is anyway recommended to fuel up on Sundays in the afternoon or on Mondays in the morning. At these times the prices are on their bottom.


In Norway it is possible to get by without paying a single penny for accommodation. If you respect a couple of simple rules, you can pitch your tent wherever you like and you can stay on one spot for up to three nights. In this way you are granted free overnight stays. What is however even better, it is fully up to you where you choose to stay overnight. And so you can wake up in the morning enjoying beautiful views and unforgettable moments.


Norway is definitely not a gastronomy destination. At least we do not know anybody who would travel to Norway in order to enjoy the local cuisine. For sure the local restaurants can offer a high quality gastronomy experience. They anyway let you pay for it a fortune. Unfortunately, there is no cheap alternative to top level restaurants. Therefore the best option is to prepare your own food. That is the reason why many arrive to Norway with solid grocery supply brought directly from home. We were not an exception. We however found out that it was not necessary at all. There are groceries in Norway that you can buy for reasonable prices. And so our Norwegian diet was very colorful and quite often we drew on local resources (i.e. fructus fundi, e.g. mushrooms and berries). That you have a price benchmark we provide a table in which you will find prices of groceries we bought often.   


Short statistics to conclude the Norway trip

Here is a short statistics illustrating our trip in Norway for all figure lovers. 

More photos from Norway on

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